3 Restaurant Promotions - June 2020

May 17, 2020

The new normal is online ordering, no-contact payments and making curbside pickup an experience.   As many states re-open, however, there is still a need to practice old normal marketing and promotions to ensure your guests are excited to return.

1. The Happy Hour Returns 
We believe that with social distancing and limited capacities being the June standard (most states), this "old school" promotion can be even more effective.    Think about it, Happy Hour used to be fun, energetic and a welcome break to the monotony of the daily grind.   Over the last decade, for various reasons, it has become stale and almost obsolete.

Use your email, text and social media marketing databases and promote "Thank You Happy Hours" from 3-6pm, daily.   Setup a dedicated phone number (Google Voice) for guests to call and reserve their Happy Hour, as capacity limits and demand have created a need for a reservation.  Invite them to bring 5 friends or co-workers and be happy to call or email invitations to their friends, co-branded from your guest.   Assure them that proper protections are in place, capacity is limited and their safe Happy Hour experience is your primary goal.  Offer a free appetizer, or appetizers, as your way of saying Thanks!    Make it a reservation, service and overall experience they will remember long after they attend. 

2. Flag Day (June 14th)
Red, white and blue drink and food specials.   Include the little American flags (100 Pack Here).   Encourage your staff to participate by wearing their favorite American flag apparel - think Apollo Creed in Rocky!    Again, the goal is to create atmosphere that guests will remember.  

3. Father's Day
With social distancing and capacity limitations, celebrating Father's Day safely and ensuring families can sit together will be tricky.   Resolve this by promoting safe and family-friendly Father's Day family meals!   Offer family reservations only - ensuring you can setup the floor plan to accommodate family dining ahead of time and move the floor plan as needed for reservations.   Ensure  your guests that their Father's Day dinner will be a safe and exceptional experience for their family.   Offer a special Father's Day 4-course price fixed meal for the family!   Make sure dad receives special attention and a special thank you gift - a "secret" bourbon list, a craft beer you haven't released or a t-shirt with your brand on it - but something that makes the day memorable.

Don't forget your carryout dads also.    Allow your 4-course Father's Day meals to be purchased via online ordering and schedule a pickup time.   Send home a special gift for dad.   There are still many families that will be choosing to avoid the dine-in experience in the name of safety.   

We would love to hear about promotions that you have been successful with and highlight you in an upcoming blog.   Please reach out to us on social media and share photos and more. 

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