Top 5 Ways to Promote in May 2020

May 2, 2020

The pandemic and our new web design project delayed this blog.   We are going to get back on schedule and post these the month prior to allow our visitors and fans time to read the blog and plan!

The current pandemic does not eliminate the need to effectively market special events to your fans - you just have to change the format to meet the demands of curbside pickup.    Here are our Top 5 Marketing Ideas for May.

1. Mother's Day (May 10th)
This one is a little trickier than previous years.   Here are some ideas:

- Partner with a local greenhouse and offer a $10 Gift Card for MOM!  Each business can share in the cost of the gift card, market the event together and drive sales via restaurant's online ordering.   Both businesses win!

- Partner with a local florist and send a Tulip home with each order.  Include a handwritten note from someone on your staff thanking each MOM for everything they are doing.   Make it personal and thoughtful.   Post photos and ask your fans to share their best MOM stories with you - tagging their MOM!

2. Cinco De Mayo (May 5th)
Are you promoting Taco Tuesday or (for states that allow this) Tequila Tuesday?  You should be!   Have fun with this one.   Deliver orders curbside wearing a sombrero and post photos on social.   Have your staff doing Mexican Hat Dances on TikTok.   

3. "WIN w/ UFC 249" - America's First Live Sporting Event Post Covid-19 (May 9th)
No you cannot host a viewing party at your bar.   That's not proper social distancing.  You can and should be making sure your fans engage with  your on social media.  This is a great way to do it - while collecting valuable marketing data.

- Use your social media to promote UFC 249 NOW!  Your fans will be watching this and will be excited to have something to root for. 
- Use your online ordering to allow fans to choose a winner - Tony Ferguson or Justin Gaethje.   Create a menu category called "Win w/ UFC249" and have two menu selections - one for each fighter.   
- If they order online between now and May 9th (fight night), they can also choose a fighter to back in the Main Event.
- If their fighter wins, they earn a $10 Gift Card.   You can email the winners, thank them, use it as an opportunity to engage with them and have something fun to promote.

4. National No Dirty Dishes Day (May 18th)
Yep, this is an actual holiday: Details HERE!   Promote carryout and curbside.   Treat it as an extension of Mother's Day Month and make sure mom doesn't have to wash dishes.   Promote online ordering and offer a bounce-back incentive for fans that ordering online.

5. Memorial Day Weekend (May 22-25th)
Another opportunity to be thankful and support your community.   Send your staff to place flowers and/or decorations on your community monuments that celebrate our war heroes.   Package a small American flag with each order, along with a personal note about what Memorial Day means to  you and being thankful for those that died defending our country.

While this day is not about First Responders - they should be included as many are dying defending our country right now.   Partner with other businesses in your area to deliver meals to the ER Staff at local hospitals.   You simply need to call the hospital ahead of time and they will arrange for a safe drop off area for you.  They are very receptive, appreciative and helpful.    

We would love to hear about promotions that you have been successful with and highlight you in an upcoming blog.   Please reach out to us on social media.

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