9 Great Restaurant Engagement Campaigns for Quarantine

April 20, 2020

While the entire country is quarantined, most restaurants are missing out on the single greatest time to launch an effective engagement campaign with their guests. There has never been a better time to turn your guests into raving fans. Just think.... your guests are (1) sitting at home and (2) spending more time on social media than ever before.    

Try these 9 Great Campaigns and engage with your fans!

1. Highlight Your Guests - Curbside
Post photos of your guests' curbside meal experience. Highlight the safety precautions you are using to protect your guests. Tag them in the photos and thank them!

2. Don't Forget the KIDS
Kids are a big deciding factor on where families order dinner. If kids meals are ordered, send home crayons and your activity sheet. The Bluegrass Hospitality team & the Drake's Restaurants have even made their activity sheets downloadable on their website and is sharing them on social media: Drake's Activity Sheet.

3. Free Toilet Paper & Paper Towel
The Burger Joint (Milford, Michigan) found a great way to help those with a more urgent need - by having a table of toilet paper and paper towel for their fans to grab in an um....an emergency. Grab A Roll Table

4. Pre-Order Essentials For At Risk Fans
Restaurants can still get chicken, beef, paper towel, toilet paper, bread and hand sanitizer from US Foods, Sysco, Gordon and most of the suppliers. Allow your fans to order this from you - via online ordering - and setup a pickup time!

5. Tik Tok Challenge
Teens are all about the social video sharing platform Tik Tok right now. Challenge teens (and families) to recreate the dances your staff posts from inside your store. Incentivize the engagement with prizes. Post Tik Tok videos with your food and engage with your fans on an entirely new level.

6. Partner & Give Back
All small businesses are hurting. Partner with a few, share the cost and feed the first responders at your local hospitals. Feed the police and fire fighters. Thank the first responders and your partners on social media - without taking the credit yourself. Have your partners do the same.   

7. Food Porn to Promote Online Ordering
Use great photos of your food to promote online ordering. Give your fans a reason to think about ordering online from YOU! The photos can even be items you aren't offering yet - but will offer post-quarantine. The Lodge Grill and Bar (Keego Harbor, Michigan) has done a nice job of this with their Summer Cocktail Post. 

8. Offer Delivery to High Risk Fans
Senior citizens and immuno-compromised fans should not be leaving their house for curbside pickup. Help them. Offer free delivery to those who are truly locked down, help them rave about your restaurant and convert them into loyal fans. Post delivery photos on social media and tag them (and their family members).  

9. Highlight Your Staff
Daily "Cook of the Day" or "Delivery Driver of the Day" with short bios, in-uniform photo and more. Make sure your fans know the people behind your brand and the people making sure their experience is exceptional.